DIRECTOR / PRODUCER : Barry Prescott

New Zealand Director - Barry Prescott - Hot Off The Prescott Productions

Barry has been telling stories since he was a child. One of 9 kids, being inventive either got you noticed or helped you avoid getting noticed, if you know what I mean. After a short stint as a professional actor, Barry decided that he wanted to tell stories from behind the camera.

Since then he has written and directed 5 short films, both live action and stop frame animation that have won numerous awards and screened widely at international festivals.

Barry’s directing career has been an interesting fruit salad of experiences. He has directed puppets and policemen in children’s television shows, liars and politicians in corporate videos. He has been to the jungles of Papua New Guinea to film tribesmen who have never seen anyone as white as he is, decapitated plasticene clowns with chainsaws and made celebrities learning to ballroom dance look good.

As well as his directing interests, Barry has worked in several other areas of the industry over the years.

As a writer Barry has written for advertising, 3 seasons of Bryan and Bobby, Season 2 of Dancing with the Stars and long running NZ kids show What Now?

As a Production Manager, Barry has made over 100 TVCs. He also works in varying production roles on feature film productions.

In the Art Department, Barry has worked as everything from Standby Props to Production Designer of the Miniatures Unit on a kids TV show to building bespoke furniture for productions. He still likes to build curved furniture and electric ukeleles in his spare time.

Despite not being able to swim very well, Barry lives near the sea with his wife and 5 children in Wellington.

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